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Comparison connected with differences concerning small pack seals: authentic cigarette closes are unit seals, and glue grades are a couple parallel lines privately; Fake cigarette smoking seals usually are hand glued, infrequent blocky glue grades, and you will discover obvious differences while using the real solution characteristics.

Contrast of cigarette smoking filter word of advice differences: real cigarettes having a single white vinegar fiber separate out, the time Wholesale Cigarettes Store 24mm, slice tobacco slice width is usually uniform, smoking cigarettes loose, of lemon yellow, Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons shin oil moistening, comprising less cracked; The bogus cigarette adopts 1 vinegar linens filter lips, and this filter lips is limited, the length is Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online concerning 20mm, this silk practice is abrasive, dark brown leafy, poor shin oil moistening, smoking cigarettes containing far more pieces, along with the characteristics on the real solution is appreciably different.