Lalach Digi Movieplex Web Series Release Date, Story, Cast Details

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Digi Movieplex OTT has announced its new show named Lalach. So if you also want to know all the Q&A related details about this series then stay with us and read the entire post.

Lalach released on 26th January 2024. Ayushi Jaiswal and Shayna Khatri has played the prominent roles in the series.

Lalach digi movieplex


  • Title: Lalach
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Producer: Digi Movieplex Originals
  • OTT Platform: Digi Movieplex
  • Language: Hindi
  • Episode: Three  
  • Certificate A
  • Techiemates Rating: 3/5


Dil ki dillagi nahi jaati, Pyaar karne wale ko raat bhar neend nahi aati. Tadapte hai log is kadar ki, Ab logo se khud ki saanse bhi asani se sahi nahi jaati.


Here you can check out the name:-

  • Shayna Khatri
  • Ayushi Jaiswal
  • Ashraf

What is the Lalach Streaming Date?

Answer: Jan. 26th 2024

How Many Episodes are in the Lalach?

Answer: 3 episodes


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